Anansi Electric Wine Decanter: The Best Electric Decanter on the Market

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Finding the best decanter can be difficult – but finding the best electric decanter can feel impossible.

Sound familiar? If you are in that position, don’t worry. We have done the research for you and have found the best electric decanter on the market: the Anansi Electric Wine Decanter Shaker.

What is a decanter?

Decanters are vessels, typically made from glass, used to store and serve alcohol. It is that simple. Any container that alcohol is poured into from its original bottle can be a decanter because it is more about the process than the actual container itself.

How do decanters work?

Decanters decant wine and spirits. “Decantation” is one of those intimidating words but, again, it is not intimidating once you understand it.

Decantation refers to the process of separating the liquid on top of a container from the liquid on the bottom. In the process of making alcohol, specifically in making wine, sediment can be introduced into the finished product. If you have ever poured wine into a glass and seen particles sticking to the sides or falling to the bottom, you know what we mean. It’s not pleasant.

Decanting alcohol removes that sediment by giving you a container to pour the best parts of the wine or spirit into, thus abandoning the sediment to the original bottle and leaving your glass particle free. That is one of the reasons why decanters are associated with prestige: Decanters hold the best an alcohol has to offer.

Why electric?

Standard decanters are great: They expose wine to oxygen and open up the beverage. But an electric decanter takes it to a whole other level.

An electric decanter increases a wine’s oxygen exposure and enhances the bouquet in a shorter amount of time. Simulating the principle of traditional decanting, the Anansi Electric Wine Decanter is a new faster way of breathing wine. The electric rotation guarantees that five times the oxygen will be mixed into the wine in a shorter aeration period. After the electric spinner circulates your wine for five minutes, the wine clearly improves in flavor, which lengthens the bouquet. Of course, the Anansi company recommends ten minutes for best results, which means when it’s done, you will have the best tasting wine you’ve ever had.

Tell me more about the Anansi Electric Wine Decanter

It’s easy to use: just one click and you will have the best wine and you will impress your friends and family.

It’s automatic: your decanter will auto-rotate when it sense the gravity of a wine bottle. Don’t worry, it will stop at a preset time, so all you have to do is set the bottle down.

Simple to clean: The decanter is designed for the easiest cleaning experience you’ve ever had. Softly clean the surface and the decanter will do the rest.

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