The Best Radiation Lead Table Shields on the Market

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01/12/2023 – Lutz, Florida: Often, during medical procedures and imaging, patients are lying down on tables. Therefore, radiation protection while in this position is still incredibly important. Therefore, our team of radiation safety reviewers highly values lead table shields as a form of scatter radiation protection. Attenutech is a company that we have found that provides dependable and radiation safety equipment. This includes their line of lead table shields.

These styles of lead table shield significantly reduce scatter radiation. They are for tables used during imaging. Typically, the table shield lays on top of your table and drapes down on both sides, providing full Pb protection. Attenutech provides a curated line of lead shields and barriers is extensive. In fact, our expert team believes that Attenutech takes the time to research the best radiation safety products on the market today. That is why all radiation protection equipment that they carry is dependable and safe.

Attenutech is proud to offer their specialty line of Lead Table Shields. They are specially made lead table shields that are mobile lead sheets with panels. They are typically attached to the arm of a hospital bed, which blocks scatter radiation that can come from the space in between the table and the floor. In fact, if a medical table is being used during an x-ray procedure, there are lead table shields that can be draped over the medical table to block the radiation.

Attenutech is proud to carry three of these types of shields for tables in multiple sizes. For example, they carry the Lead Table Shield Velcro Style. This shield is easy-to-use and comes as leaded panels that help decrease exposure to dangerous scatter radiation in any imaging environment. This Leaded Table Shield features a unique modular design that ensures a perfect fit no matter the imaging table’s size. Additionally, each leaded panel provides 0.5mm Pb equivalent lead protection for the lower body. The Lead Table Shields features premium industrial hook & loop strips for quick installation and superior attachment to the imaging table.


Also, Attenutech carries the Lead Table Shield, 36″ x 36″. This shield features a pivot style that moves a full 180 degrees to get the perfect angle you need. This Lead Table Shield provides a 5mm lead equivalence Pleated “Pass Through” design to help facilitate any rotation of the C-ARM. The Panel Size is thirty-six″ x 36″. 


Finally, they also carry the Scatter Master Shield. This table shield significantly reduces scatter radiation. It is available in .50 mm Pb Eq of protection. Also, this lead shield can be customized to provide exact dimensions and drawing to fit your specific size table. It also has overlapping split front panels. Also, no special hardware or modifications to imaging equipment are required to use this shield.

Attenutech’s products protect the health and safety of their customers. This especially goes for their lead table shields. This is primarily because the effects of radiation exposure from x-rays can be detrimental to your health. Many Attenutech customers work with radiation producing machines every day. Attenutech’s goal is to emphasize the importance of protecting yourself during every procedure that involves exposure to scatter radiation. Therefore, these lead shields provide the users with an additional layer of protection from x-ray radiation exposure. These radiation lead tables shields provide protection that allows nurses, doctors, and technicians to stand behind a barrier during procedures.

These lead barriers are often used in medical and dental applications where the healthcare professional needs to stand next to or near the patient during the procedure.

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